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Programs for Junior Scientists

RIKEN strives to provide the best and most exciting opportunities for young scientists in the crucially important early stages of their career. One manifestation of this support comes in the form of RIKEN-funded short and long-term programs for those wishing to join RIKEN.

Programs for Junior Scientists | RIKEN

  • This program provides part-time positions at RIKEN for those enrolled in Japanese university PhD programs to conduct research under the guidance of RIKEN scientists.

    Junior Research Associate Program | RIKEN

  • This program provides an opportunity for International Program Associates (IPAs) to conduct research at RIKEN under the supervision of RIKEN scientists as part of their work toward obtaining a PhD. IPAs are non-Japanese doctoral candidates, attending a Japanese or overseas graduate school participating in RIKEN’s joint graduate program, and RIKEN provides them with a daily living allowance and may cover their housing costs for up to a maximum of three years while they are at RIKEN.

    International Program Associate | RIKEN

  • This program provides a venue for creative researchers that received their PhD within the past five years to pursue independent research for a period of three years. RIKEN provides a vibrant research environment for young researchers of different nationalities that wish to actively pursue their research in the global arena.

    Special Postdoctoral Researchers Program | RIKEN

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