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All text, photographs, diagrams, videos, and other materials on the RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing (RQC) website are copyrighted by RQC member organizations unless explicitly specified otherwise on the RQC website. It is prohibited to use, reproduce, or modify any of the materials without the permission of RQC organizations.
However, if a page has its own terms of use, the terms of use for photos, illustrations, videos, etc. on that page will be subject to those very terms of use.


Links that might mislead users about the sources of information are not permitted. You are free to make a link to this website under the condition that you must make it explicitly clear that the actual link is to this RQC website. Note that the below types of linking are strictly forbidden.

・Links that appear to support, recommend, slander, or defame the activities of a specific individual, group, or organization. ・Linking for purposes or in a manner that is offensive to public order and morals. ・Links that mislead people about RQC's activities. ・Any linking that may significantly diminish RQC's organizational image or credibility, or any linking activities that may infringe on the intellectual property rights, property, privacy or other rights of specific individuals or organizations. ・So-called "frame linking" (Linking in such a way that the contents of RQC's website appear to be a part of the linked website. For example, a link in such a way that the content is incorporated into a frame).


If you want to reproduce contents from this website, please contact us at(rqc_info [at]ml.riken.jp).


Use of information or data from this website is undertaken at the user's own risk. RQC takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that may arise through the use of this information or data. RQC is not responsible for the contents of external websites that are linked to from this website. Any or all of parts of this website may be changed, deleted, or removed without notice.

Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with RIKEN's Personal Information Protection Regulations, any data that RQC gains through this website will be protected strictly and will never be released, given, or lent to any third party without just cause.

Access Logs

A user access log to this website is kept and stored securely and includes all users who visited this website. Individuals cannot be identified in these access logs. Data stored in the access logs will only be used for the purpose of: (1) analyzing browsing trends; (2) generating visitor statistics; and (3) when needed to determine problems with our server(s). The results of these analyses will only be used to improve the management of our website(s) in the future.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for the collection and analysis of user access logs. Google Analytics uses cookies and collects data without including information that could be used to identify individuals. For further details, please see Google’s policy "HOW GOOGLE USES INFORMATION FROM SITES OR APPS THAT USE OUR SERVICES". Users may also be able to restrict the use of cookies through their browser settings. Please refer to the appropriate support documents for the browser that you use.

Range of Application

Our policy will be applied for the following websites:

Change in Policy

RQC may change the content of this privacy policy as necessary. Any changes made to the content will be notified on the website. Although we will take the utmost care when making changes to this privacy policy, will not be held liable for any damages resulting from such changes.

For any queries regarding the policy, please contact us at(rqc_info [at]ml.riken.jp).

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