RQC Seminar

118th RQC Seminar

  • Speaker

    Prof. Konstantinos Makris
    ( Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece )

  • Date

    16:00-17:00, July 22, 2024 (Monday)

  • Venue

    Hybrid(ZOOM・ Wako Main Research 3F 345-347 Seminar Room/ 研究本館3階 セミナー室(345-347) C01)

  • Title

    Pseudospectra, transient amplification and exceptional points in non-normal photonics

  • Inquiries


In the framework of non-Hermitian photonics we present recent results regarding the effect of non-normality in the ultra sensitivity and transient amplification of open optical waveguide lattices. Based on pseudo spectra theory the sensitivity of higher order exceptional points will be examined. The effect of disorder and optical nonlinearity will be also discussed.

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