RQC Seminar

126th RQC Seminar

  • Speaker

    Dr. Sylvain de Léséleuc
    ( Cold-Atom Quantum System Research Team )

  • Date

    15:00-16:00 , July 8, 2024 (Monday)

  • Venue

    Hybrid(ZOOM・ Wako C00 HQ 2F Large Meeting Room)

  • Title

    Cold-Atom Quantum System

  • Inquiries


Neutral atoms --- cooled with lasers, trapped in optical tweezers and excited to Rydberg states --- are a fabulous platform for quantum physics. As a new Team Leader of the RQC, establishing the “Cold-Atom Quantum System” research team, I will develop activities in that direction. I thus want to first give a general introduction to this research area, accessible to all researchers beyond the AMO community, with simple physical ideas and intuitions about the system. I will then give a special focus to three ongoing activities: (1) the manipulation of quantum state of motion of the atoms with the optical tweezers, (2) the exploration of new ultrafast timescale for the manipulation of Rydberg atoms, and (3) the preparation of a neutral-atom quantum computer that will start operation mid-2025 in Okazaki.

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