RQC Seminar

36th RQC Seminar

  • Speaker

    Dr. Masanori Hanada
    (Department of Mathematics, University of Surrey, UK)

  • Date

    16:00-17:00 (JST), March 31, 2023 (Friday)

  • Venue

    Hybrid (Zoom / Wako Main Research 3F 345-347 Seminar Room RIKEN Wako branch)

  • Title

    Precision test of gauge/gravity duality in D0-brane matrix model at low temperature

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We test the gauge/gravity duality between the matrix model and type IIA string theory at low temperatures with unprecedented accuracy. To this end, we perform lattice Monte Carlo simulations of the Berenstein-Maldacena-Nastase (BMN) matrix model, which is the one-parameter deformation of the Banks-Fischler-Shenker-Susskind (BFSS) matrix model, taking both the large N and continuum limits. We leverage the fact that sufficiently small flux parameters in the BMN matrix model have a negligible impact on the energy of the system while stabilizing the flat directions so that simulations at smaller N than in the BFSS matrix model are possible. Hence, we can perform a precision measurement of the large N continuum energy at the lowest temperatures to date. The energy is in perfect agreement with supergravity predictions including estimations of α′-corrections from previous simulations. At the lowest temperature where we can simulate efficiently (T=0.25λ1/3, where λ is the 't Hooft coupling), the difference in energy to the pure supergravity prediction is less than 10%. Furthermore, we can extract the coefficient of the 1/N4 corrections at a fixed temperature with good accuracy, which was previously unknown.

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