RQC Colloquium

1st RQC Colloquium

  • Speaker

    Prof. John Martinis

  • Date

    9:00-10:00 (JST), April 20, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • Venue


  • Title

    Building a Quantum Computer

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Nature allows the storage and manipulation of data in new and powerful ways using quantum mechanics. I will explain the basic concepts behind the exponential power of this technology and how to build a quantum computer using superconductors. I will show recent experimental data on a “quantum supremacy” experiment with 53 qubits: the Sycamore processor takes about 200 seconds to run a quantum circuit a million times – the equivalent task for a state-of-the-art classical supercomputer would take approximately 10,000 years. Finally, I will explain some of the future uses of quantum algorithms and what may be in store for the field in the next 10 years.

Flyer: 1st RQC Colloquium Flyer

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