RQC Colloquium

20th RQC Colloquium

  • 講演者

    Prof. Seth Lloyd
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology )

  • 日程


  • 開催場所

    ハイブリッド(Zoom・和光地区 統合支援棟2階 大会議室)

  • 講演タイトル

    Quantum Machine Learning

  • お問合せ


Quantum systems can generate patterns in data that classical systems cannot. Can quantum computers also recognize and classify patterns in data that classical computers cannot? This talk shows that the answer to this question is Yes. The talk provides a review of quantum machine learning methods, including quantum generative adversarial networks, quantum neural networks, and quantum algorithms for topological data analysis. We look at novel methods for quantum machine learning and identify cases where quantum computers have a provable advantage over classical machine learning methods for data analysis.
Flyer: 20th RQC Colloquium Flyer

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