RQC Seminar

86th RQC Seminar

  • 講演者

    Dr. Gustav Andersson
    ( Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering University of Chicago )

  • 日程

    2023年10月12日(木) 13:30-14:30

  • 開催場所

    ハイブリッド(ZOOM・ 和光 物質科学研究棟5階 S507会議室 S51)

  • 講演タイトル

    Entangling mechanical resonators

  • お問合せ


Acoustic resonators have a set of useful properties that make them a promising platform for storing and processing quantum information. Several experiments have demonstrated phononic state control and readout in mechanical resonators interfaced with superconducting quantum circuits. Our device has two superconducting qubits each connected to a separate piezoelectric flip-chip with a surface acoustic wave resonator. Using standard qubit control and strong tunable coupling to the acoustic resonators, we generate mechanical Bell states as well as multiphonon entangled states. We also perform quantum tomography of the prepared states through interaction with the qubits. Our results open the door for more advanced quantum protocols using mechanical systems, including quantum error correction.

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