RQC Seminar

65th RQC Seminar

  • 講演者

    Prof. Hou Ian
    ( Faculty of Science, University of Macau )

  • 日程

    2023年7月13日(木) 13:20-14:20

  • 開催場所

    ハイブリッド(ZOOM・ 研究本館3階 セミナー室(345-347) C01 )

  • 講演タイトル

    Interpreting classical entanglement using quantum optical theory

  • お問合せ


The concept of classical entanglement, entanglement effects within a single laser beam, was proposed a few years ago and followed by a few experimental verifications, such as the violation of Bell-CHSH inequality. However, many people opposed this concept which was based entirely on drawing direct analogy between classical d.o.f. (polarizations amplitude and direction) to Hilbert space vectors. To settle the debate, we interpret the integrity of classical entanglement using the quantum optical states such as coherent states and displaced Fock states. Especially, we show a unified theory of entanglement (both classical and quantum) through measuring both the negativity and the Schmidt number on a non-classical superposition state in the tensor product space associated with a beam of two polarization directions.

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