RQC Seminar

28th RQC Seminar

  • 講演者

    Prof. Kay Brandner
    (School of Physics and Astronomy and Centre for the Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of Quantum Non-Equilibrium Systems University of Nottingham)

  • 日程


  • 開催場所

    オンサイト(理研 和光事業所 研究本館4階 会議室(435-437))

  • 講演タイトル

    Quantum Thermal Machines: From Single Atoms to Many-Body Systems

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With the miniaturization of thermal machines reaching ever smaller length and energy scales, the question how quantum phenomena can be exploited to design new types of heat engines and refrigerators is moving into the focus of current research. In this talk, I will first give a brief overview on experimental and theoretical advances that took place over the past years at the intersection of quantum engineering and quantum thermodynamics. A key problem in the development of quantum thermal machines is to understand how collective effects in many-body systems can be exploited to scale up their thermodynamic output. In the second part of this talk, I will discuss two theoretical proposals for such many-body quantum machines based on Rydberg-atomic and opto-mechanical systems [1,2].

[1] Federico Carollo, Filippo M. Gambetta, KB, Juan P. Garrahan, and Igor Lesanovsky; "Nonequilibrium Quantum Many-Body Rydberg Atom Engine"; Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 170602 (2020).
[2] Federico Carollo, KB, and Igor Lesanovsky; "Nonequilibrium Many-Body Quantum Engine Driven by Time-Translation Symmetry Breaking"; Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 240602 (2020).

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