RQC Seminar

6th RQC Seminar

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    Towards fault-tolerant quantum computation with optical continuous variables

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    RQC 量子多体ダイナミクス研究ユニット

Optical continuous variables have recently gained more attention due to its unique features for scalability and error correction techniques. In continuous variable systems, the Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskillqubit is a promising tool to implement fault-tolerant quantum computation by taking advantage of a bosonic Hilbert space. In this talk, I will provide our theoretical contributions to the improvement of error tolerance with the GKP qubit by a hybrid error correction procedure using digital and analog Information. I will also present several potential approaches for generating the GKP qubit and will introduce the complementary directions for fault-tolerant quantum computation with bosonic qubits by using near-term technologies such as cross-Kerr interaction and photon number resolving detectors.

Flyer: 6th RQC Seminar Flyer

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