Jaw-Shen Tsai

Team Leader, Superconducting Quantum Simulation Research Team


We are conducting research with the aim of realizing superconducting quantum computers and quantum simulators. Research on one-way-model quantum computers and gate-model quantum computers are pursued. Superconducting qubits, which are solid-state circuits, have many features, such as the good integrability, the degree of freedom in element parameter design, and the diversity of circuit control methods. We are also studying a new qubit-to-qubit coupling scheme using superconducting resonators. This is a novel full-coupling superconducting quantum annealing architecture.

Research Theme

・ Research of gate-model based superconducting quantum computer/simulator
・ Research of one-way-model based superconducting quantum computer/simulator
・ Research of superconducting quantum annealer

Representative Research Results

・Nature, 484, 355, 2012, “Coherent quantum phase slip”, O. Astafiev, L. B. Ioffe, S.
Kafanov, Yu. A. Pashkin, K. Yu. Arutyunov, D. Shahar, O. Cohen, & J. S. Tsai

・Nature, 449, 588, 2007, “Single artificial-atom lasing”, O. Astafiev, K. Inomata, A.
O. Niskanen, T. Yamamoto, Yu. A. Pashkin, Y. Nakamura & J. S. Tsai

・Science, 316, 723, 2007, “Quantum Coherent Tunable Coupling of Superconducting
Qubits”, A. O. Niskanen, K. Harrabi, F. Yoshihara, Y. Nakamura and J. S. Tsai

・Nature, 421, 823, 2003, “Quantum oscillations in two coupled charge qubits” , Yu. A.
Pashkin, T. Yamamoto, O. Astafiev, Y. Nakamura, D. V. Averin and J. S. Tsai

・Nature, 398, 786, 1999, “Coherent Control of Macroscopic Quantum States in a
Single-Cooper-pair Box”, Y. Nakamura, Yu. A. Pashkin, J. S. Tsai


 Photograph of 16-bit superconducting quantum chip employing pseudo 2D network


8-bit fully coupled type Quantum annealing chip photo

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