Akira Furusawa

Team Leader, Optical Quantum Computing Research Team


Our final goal is the realization of fault-tolerant large-scale universal optical quantum computers with our original deterministic quantum teleportation methodology. The heart of this methodology is cluster states of optical modes, which are special multipartite entangled states and correspond to “quantum look-up tables for quantum computation”. We will pursue the size and precision of the cluster states with our original time-domain multiplexing methodology.

Research Theme

・Research of quantum teleportation
・Research of optical quantum computers

Representative Research Results

・Furusawa, A., Sorensen, J. L., Braunstein, S. L., Fuchs, C. A., Kimble, H. J., and Polzik, E. S.:
“Unconditional quantum teleportation,” Science 282, 706 (1998).

・Lee, N., Benichi, H., Takeno, Y., Takeda, S., Webb, J., Huntington, E., and Furusawa, A.: 
“Teleportation of non-classical wave-packets of light,” Science 332, 330 (2011).

・Takeda, S., Mizuta, T., Fuwa, M., van Loock, P., and Furusawa, A.: “Deterministic quantum
eleportation of photonic quantum bits by a hybrid technique,” Nature 500, 315 (2013).

・Asavanant, W., Shiozawa, Y., Yokoyama, S., Charoensombutamon, B., Emura, H., Alexander,
R., Takeda, S., Menicucci, N. C., Yonezawa, H., and Furusawa, A.: “Generation of time-domain-
multiplexed two-dimensional cluster state,” Science 366, 373 (2019).


Cluster state : Quantum look-up table

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